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Before you register for the race, you first need to complete our online application. If you are running with Team Palestine, the application must be complete in order to be officially on Team Palestine for PCRF. Furthermore, once you are complete with registering for Right to Movement, you must forward your registration confirmation to Once your application  and race registration is complete, you are on Team Palestine for PCRF!

Once the application is complete , you are ready to register!


This event has a variety of distances to choose from. You have the option to run a 10k, Half Marathon , and the full Marathon.

Cost for registration is as follows:


Half Marathon 13.1-$70

Full Marathon 26.2-$70

Palestine Marathon enforces age restrictions to our three distances complying with international standards. These restrictions are as follows: Full: 18 years | Half: 15 years | 10K: 10 years



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