FundRACER Events

Team Palestine will be participating in series of running events called FundRACER. These are considered the most important running events since all participants who run with Team Palestine must raise funds for PCRF. Each member will choose the event they want to raise funds for by using the drop down menu and selecting an event. Three events require a minimum fundraising effort of $500 including the Shamrock Shuffle, Chicago Half Marathon and the Chicago Triathlon. The funds will be collected 60 days after the event you participate in. For example, If you choose the Shamrock Shuffle March 24, 2019 as your FundRACER event, your are expected to have all your funds turned into your captain 30 days after the race or April 24, 2019. All members are welcomed to run in any Team Palestine events as long as they are registered in at least one FundRACER event. For The Bank of America Chicago Marathon, all participating members must raise a minimum of $1,250 If you are registered by 11.27.18. The fundraiser minimum climbs to $1500 if you register anytime after 11.27.18 Make sure to use the drop down menus, select the race you want to fundraise for, register for the race, and set up a fundraiser page through PCRF.NET and you are in!

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