It is finally race week!  In a few days we will be running an exciting 26.2 miles through the streets of Chicago in decent weather.  Couple of topics I wanted to address to make sure we are all on the same page. Team meal We will be have our team […]

Marathon Week! 10.12.14

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  Greeting to all as I hope you are all doing well. As the temperature slowly climbs our upcoming events are quickly approaching. We have no time to waste so let’s get to it!! The Shamrock Shuffle next Sunday (March 30, 2014) Registration for the Shamrock Shuffle will be closing […]

Team Palestine News Update for 3.22.14

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Indeed, it has been a challenging winter season. I hope you are doing well and keeping your energy high during these frigid circumstances. Rain, shine, snow, or sleet we must keep moving forward. Registration for the Chicago Marathon. Registration for the BOA Chicago Marathon opens tomorrow. As I have mentioned […]

Team Palestine News update for 3.4.14

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We will be holding a FundRACER sign up day! Team Captains will be on hand to sign people up for our main running events in 2014 *Shamrock Shuffle on 3/30/14 *Chicago Half Marathon on 9/7/14 *Pre-Sign up for the Chicago Marathon on 10/12/14 *Pre-Sign up Ultra Marathon lakeside 50/50 on […]

FundRACER Sign Up Night Wednesday 2.19.14